Monday, March 1, 2010

Protein for the Sweet Tooth!

Every competitor struggles with that sweet tooth every now and then. I'm no different. I stumbled across some yummy goodness out there and thought I would share. As most of you know, my favorite protein powder is ISO Dymatize 1000. It is super-clean and mixes well with water (I am not a paid endorser). Zero carbs, Zero sugars and Zero fat which is also a happy. I ordered their Pina Colada flavor for the first time, just to experiment with some new flavors. I put a scoop of that and a teaspoon of my Walden Farms Marshmallow Whip (also zero carbs, zero sugars and zero calories), 1/3 Cup of oats and water/ice cubes in my blender to mix it up. YUMMY! 206 calories. I must warn you, it is really sweet. Like that's a bad thing. Ha! Enjoy!!

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